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Remote Backup

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery
Nature happens! Be prepared for any issue with a Managed Backup Solution you can rely on.

Protect your Business

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

But what can it really do?


Data loss could put you out of business. Backup all your files securely and safely both onsite and offsite


Recover from Data loss or Ransomware attack fast and get back to business like it never happened.


Your valuable files are stored safely and securely offsite in the Prestige Remote Backup electronic vault.

What is the importance of all this?

Without a good reliable backup that is stored offsite to protect against disaster you will go out of business. It is no longer enough to make a local backup of important files as most ransomware attacks target these backups preventing you from restoring your files. 

Our goal is to provide outstanding backup solutions for our partners.

How our partners benefit from our backup services?


Medical facilities can meet the requirements of HIPAA.


Lawyers can rest easy knowing their data is safe and their network is secure.


Businesses can recover from data loss quickly.

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