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Computers do not live forever

But my computer is only 5 years old. Yes! it seems like only yesterday you purchased it. 

But like everything these days computers get old. Moving parts wear out and newer faster computer chips are developed. Those updates you must run to keep you safe etc. need more and more power and your old computer is now having a hard time keeping up.

So to keep up with the latest security requirements and run the applications you need you will have to accept the fact that 3 years is the designed lifespan of any computer desktop or laptop.

Why you need a local IT Support Service Provider

When looking for an IT Services and support company there are many factors you need to think about. The IT company should be a Managed Services Provider or MSP, how proactive the IT company is, are they able to respond in the event of an emergency.

Although most MSP’s use technology to remotely monitor and support your systems without going onsite, having an IT support company ready and able to come onsite to your business to fix an issue can be invaluable.
If you are experiencing low response times had difficulty accessing support from your IT company or you are thinking of looking for a Managed Services Provider here are a few reasons why you should consider a local IT support company.

1. Easy Accessibility & Quick Emergency Support
Arguably, the most important aspect of IT support next to proactive maintenance is the ability to easily and quickly access your IT support provider for quick support. Choosing a local IT service and support company allows you quick access to your IT support without the issues imposed by geography. In case of an emergency such as downtime, or virus attack, your local IT provider can respond in real-time.

2. Understanding of Your Local Business Environment
Using a local IT service provider can also provide your business with access to local IT experts that are not only versed in the day-to-day maintenance of IT systems but also understand challenges that other businesses in your geographical area face. Having this unique perspective can help your local IT service provider proactively suggest solutions to problems even before they occur.

3. Frequent Routine System Checks
While many routine IT system checks can be performed remotely, the local IT service provider also has the flexibility to come onsite to perform routine tests when needed. This allows your business to create a proactive IT maintenance that helps you prevent IT issues before they occur.

4. Cost Effective IT Support Services
Since most IT support services are priced hourly, having a local IT service provider who can get to you in no time, can help reduce your IT support service costs. The cost savings in travel time and expenses can be used for other strategic IT projects or even added to your businesses’ bottom line.

Local Georgia, GA IT Support Services Prestige Computer Solutions is located in Middle Georgia and from here we are able to provide local suport to companys throughout the state of Georgia with same day onsite support.
Most of our customers are located in Middle Georgia, Macon, Warner Robins, Perry, Fort Valley.


According to the latest FBI 2017 Internet Crime report, losses of cybercrime victims exceeded $1.4 billion in 2017. 
The report data represents a total of 301,581 complaints filed with the Internet Complaint Center (IC3). 
This past year, the top three cybercrimes reported by victims were Non-Payment/Non-Delivery (84,079 victims), Personal Data Breach (30,904 victims), and Phishing (25,344 victims). The top three crime types with the highest reported loss were BEC ($676,151,185), Confidence/Romance fraud ($211,382,989), and Non-Payment/Non-Delivery ($141,110,441).

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What is Wi-Fi?

Wireless internet connectivity is largely taken for granted these days most coffee shops, restaurants and hotels offer free wi-fi to get you on the internet.

But I am amazed how many people think that Wi-Fi is the internet!. The number of times I have had someone ask me for help saying I have a good Wi-Fi signal and I still cannot connect to Google or Facebook etc. they will even argue with me that it is not a problem with the internet or internet provider because they have a good Wi-Fi signal.

With all this said I just wanted to try and explain exactly what Wi-fi is and is not.

Wireless connectivity, often known as Wi-Fi, is the technology that allows a PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet device to connect at high speed to the internet without the need for a physical wired connection. Wi-Fi (pronounced “Why-Fy”) is a term that was coined by a branding company in 1999 as a name which would be easily recalled, due to its similarity to the then well-known term “hi-fi”.

The technology uses radio signals to transmit information between your Wi-Fi enabled devices and the internet. In other words the Wi-Fi replaces the wires that would otherwise be needed to connect your computer to the internet router or firewall. I do know that may users especially home users purchase and or are provided one box that is both a router/firewall and Wi-fi access point all in one. But these functions are completely separate and perform different tasks. The Access Point is the radio device that provides you the Wi-Fi signal that connects you to the network. The router is the device that connects you to the internet or internet providers modem.

So if your Wi-Fi enabled Router and or Access point is turned on you will be able to get a good strong signal. But if the internet or internet modem is down it will not be able to get you there.

If you are in need of a good secure and reliable Wi-Fi solution for your business give the experts a call today.