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Is your internet Router Hacked ?

You all have probably heard the news clips on Russian hackers getting into your internet routers and steeling your passwords.  The question is how vulnerable are you and is this something you need to worry about? 

First if you are a business with a legitimate Firewall not a Router you are not at risk for this issue.  If you purchased your router from a retail store you may be at risk.  If you are not sure of what you have. Give us a call we can do a quick evaluation of your firewall and internet service for you.

This issue generally is only something that affects home users with retail store type routers. Vulnerabilities in some routers’ firmware code allow hackers to change some of the router’s critical settings. For example, altering the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings enables them to instruct your router to send your Internet requests to malware-infested servers and fake websites.  If that happens it could result in malware being downloaded onto your computer or mobile device and/or having your identity and online accounts compromised. Bad, bad stuff for sure.

To check your router and make sure you are not at risk you can use one of these free tools.  Visit this page on the F-Secure website.  After you click the button the tool will check your router’s settings to make sure they haven’t been changed to values that are known to be incorrect or malicious. The entire test takes mere seconds and the results will be displayed right on your screen.

here is a list of the most vulnerable routers

If you are unsure or you get a bad result please contact us we can help.