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Managed Services! What is it exactly?

Well it is a term that makes no sense to the average non-IT person. Unless you work in the IT industry, you probably have not heard of Managed Services before.

Here is the skinny… Managed Services is a service offered by an IT company that takes care of all your computer and technology issues for you. In other words if it is IT related  Managed Services makes it so much better.

Now, a lot of people get the same look of confusion on their face when someone says Managed Services. That’s normal.  Just like the word Idiopathic make no sense to anyone but doctors, or architrave makes no sense to anyone but those in the building and engineeringl field.

So that is all fine and good, but what does it do for you and your business? And how does it make it better?

Let me see if I can break it down for you here:

Managed Services is known above all for its monitoring, IT company’s or Managed Service Providers (MSP's) use tools called RMM tools that allow them to proactively monitor all your systems and either automatically fix it or generate an alert for the technician to look at.  Usually we can fix a problem before anyone ever knew about it.   All this equates to less down time for your business and improved productivity.

Because of all this monitoring, you and your staff will experience very little downtime. Your computer network is no longer sputtering out of control. It does what it should, when it should, no matter what. Why?  Because a group of technicians make sure that it does.

Managed Services also automatically keeps your systems updated to the latest security patches this helps keep you one step ahead of the hackers and viruses that are looking to gain access to your systems. Also we are able to monitor the antivirus software keep it up to date and know when you have something bad going on before it gets out of control.

When you have fully Managed Services your IT Systems are… well, fully managed. From routine maintenance and automatic upgrades to proactive monitoring and instant support, your technology remains consistent because it’s consistently taken care of.

In other words, hurdles are all but eliminated. Problems are identified and corrected immediately, and your business can remain productive and free of IT challenges and complications.

It is always possible for you to still have a hardware failure and or a system break down now and again and you could still experience a network glitch here and there. But with Managed Services, this will not cost you anything. Because all this is bundled into a flat rate monthly support plan called Managed Services.

This means that those ridiculously large and out-of-control repair expenses go away completely. You finally have the full ability to successfully budget for your technology needs. No more guessing. No more hoping. No more praying. It is what it is and won’t change.

With the lovely combination of routine maintenance, proactive monitoring, and a flat, monthly rate, a fully Managed Services solution removes the element of surprise from your IT. There will be no coming to work on a Monday morning only to discover a broken-down network. There will be no large repair fees to wait for. And there will be no dreading an eventual collapse of your data. Managed services eliminates the surprises.

No more Googling. No more YouTube-ing. No more calling that friend of a friend. Managed Services is managed by a group of professionals who are experts at what they do. You are no longer the wannabe IT guru, and you no longer have to figure it out by yourself.

So hire an MSP. If you need help or advice, just call us.