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Your Password is important make sure you use a good one.

If you want to check your password you can go to this link. It is safe and will give you a good idea how good your password truly is and how easy it could be for a hacker to crack it.

No longer do fancy symbols and upper-case letters and numbers have any importance.   Most hackers use computer programs that will zip through these like butter.  What does make it harder for them is the length of the password in other words you could use the following (This is my good and safe password) as a password and it would be much safer than Pa$$w0rd   again give it a try here.

The other thing that is important! is to change your password regularly.  I recommend changing password at least every 90 days and do not reuse old passwords. Also do not use the same password for all your systems.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon in our current culture to face major security breaches on our favorite platforms, such as the recent ones that involved LinkedIn, MySpace and Tumblr, where hundreds of accounts details went for sale on the dark web. Think about it. If you used the same password everywhere, attackers would be able to quickly access all of your other accounts quickly (and they know it).

What’s more alarming than that? Almost 90% of small business owners don’t feel like they’re at risk of experiencing a breach.

We at Prestige have a good handle on how to get this issue under control give us a call to see how we can help.