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  • Practice Dynamics

    For the first time since we opened, I am confident that our systems are being well monitored and security is taken care of ! Thank you !

    Quita Edwards

  • Health Tech of Georgia, Inc

    This place is just what I needed to run my company. Now I can focus on other areas. Thank you. -

    Alicia Laidlaw

  • Tommy Gibson Builders

    I think the biggest attribute you have over all the other IT guys is your understanding of our business needs. It is very hard to explain to most IT guys. Prompt solutions of course is a big deal

    Tommy Gibson

    Tommy gibson Builders

  • Visit Macon

    as always response was on point from beginning to end.

    Thanks again

    Irish Hubbard

  • Physicians for Women, P.C.

    Very good experience in setting up our new phone system. Responsive, knowledgeable and quick.
    Dr. Thekkepat Sekhar
  • Gilmer Warehouse & Logistics

    Emails were being blocked, I got fast response and didn't have to think twice about the issue.


    Aaron Gilmer

  • Parts Central, Inc.

    You all did an excellent job getting our old scanners hooked up to the new Wireless. The whole warehouse thought the tech was a real hero. No one wanted another day of paper pulling. Thanks Prestige Computers, job well done! 

    Mike Benton

    Parts Central, Inc.

  • Eagle Springs Community

    Prestige does an exceptional job in keeping the Eagle Springs security cameras operating. Pestige is very fast in responding to any problems we have with our security cameras
    David Bumpus
  • Forrest B Johnson & Associates

    Some important files were missing and Prestige was able to restore those files promptly. This saved our firm valuable time. Audrey Perryman
  • Cornerstone Medical Associates

    I like that you are very knowledgeable and your employees are professional and courteous. I think that is one of the key things if they handle themselves professionally and are courteous which is not easy in the environment they have to work. Many of the people they come in contact with are frustrated and want to blame all technical things on IT even if it’s not really an IT issue. If they remain calm and explain the situation, it will usually ease the frustration of the customer.  I also like if they don’t know the answer they don’t act like they do, they let you know that they will research the situation and get back with us. 

    Debbie Alverson

    Cornerstone Medical Management

  • AFGE Local 987

    Above and beyond. Thank you!

    Linda Baxter

  • Forrest B. Johnson & Associates

    We love the responsiveness of Prestige and the knowledge you have about our IT needs. We wouldn’t change a thing! You guys are great!

    Markeisha Chisholm

    Forrest B. Johnson & Associates

  • Joy Hurst Certified Financial Planner

    Jeremy is always a pleasure to work with and we appreciate the way he explains complicated issues in terms we understand. We feel that he cares about our business and takes good care of us.
    Joy Hurst 

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